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Emaar Projects In Karachi, Pakistan Where You Can Book A House Comfortably.

Emaar Pakistan

There’s an inspirational new way of life in Emaar Karachi, which is set to become Pakistan’s most desirable lifestyle. 

You can discover luxury living on a new level with Crescent Bay, a masterpiece that delivers life’s quality on a par with the very best. 

Emaar Karachi is designed for people that have grown to increase in value the finer things in life; Crescent Bay will bring a vibrant community atmosphere with a safe and wholesome ambiance. 

Arranged along three bays, Crescent Bay associates breathtaking natural beauty with a blend of traditional adapting and contemporary urban chic. In Karachi, the Crescent Bay brings a new benchmark for Karachi’s elite to live a new lifestyle. It is sure to convert the most desirable and talked place in Karachi. Shouldn’t you consider your life moving up in the world?

Obviously yes! 

Read on to discover the home features of Emaar Karachi, investments, and other relevant information. 


1. Emaar Karachi Homes Features


Emaar Pakistan Home Features

Emaar’s Pakistan innovative offering of self-contained, amenities-rich communities has created lifestyle options that have been the first choice for many residents worldwide.

Here are the basic features of Emaar housing:



The lifestyle you have always wanted!

Crescent Bay covers a fabulous location in the DHA (Phase-VIII) to Karachi’s southwest. With a beautiful 2 kilometers seafront along the Arabian Sea’s shores, the community will include parks and mosques, with over 4000 luxury residential apartments and penthouses with a range of prices, styles, and finishes to suit everyone.



In a community to inspire living!

Imagine life without driving through the rush hour traffic every time. Imagine your business within walking distance of home over the Arabian Sea. Crescent Bay’s heart is a commercial district where you will find an ideal business environment, beautiful surroundings, and no congestion or stresses associated with work in the city.



Much more to discover in your life!

A new edge is about to begin Property business in Pakistan! Emaar Karachi Crescent Bay aims at new standards in people’s lifestyle, how they think, how they interact or value things, and how they see themselves. Whether you choose to stroll down the walkway, shop at one of the myriads of retail outlets, take in the idyllic sea vision, lie in the sun on one of the high-class beaches, diminish in one of the parks or meet friends in an outdoor cafe, only.



Where you can enjoy life fully!

Crescent Bay offers more than merely a peaceful and luxurious way of life. With the Arabian sea and other perks, you will relish an incredible choice of innovative activities, including state-of-the-art health clubs fitted out with recent technology and a full complement of modern sports facilities, from tennis to moorings for your craft. With all this on your doorstep, living lifespan to the maximum will be a part of your every day.


2. Investment In Emaar Karachi

Emaar Pakistan Investment

The project has a total investment of AED 8.8 billion and will include a series of master-planned communities. It will set new benchmarks in commercial, residential, and retail property within Pakistan.

Karachi will be home to Crescent Bay, a 75-acre development featuring high- and mid-rise towers for residential and commercial use, a shopping center, and a five-star beachfront hotel. The buildings will contain approximately 4,000 residential apartments.

Close to the DHA golf course, Crescent Bay, located within Karachi’s DHA Phase 8, will also offer individual architectural styles for each tower within the development. All three projects (Crescent Bay, Crescent Bay 2, and Crescent Bay 3) are expected to be completed in the coming five years.


3. All About Emaar Karachi (Location, Properties, Investment Potential)

Emaar Karachi ALl About

Emaar Karachi Location Map

Crescent Bay is located in DHA Phase 8 zone D, near Clifton and Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Karachi, Sindh. Emaar Karachi is a subsidiary of global property developer Emaar Properties PJSC. And Crescent Bay is one of their developments, spread on 108 Acres of terrestrial. In July 2010, its contract was given to Paragon Constructors for Rs 1.5 billion.


Emaar Karachi Property Features

Several features of Emaar Karachi projects make a reasonably lucrative investment, here are few features:

  1.     Spectacular visions of sea and landscaped areas
  2.     Beautifully carved park walkways
  3.     Dedicated public open spaces such as parks and plazas
  4.     Access to 5-star hotel, retail location, and mosque
  5.     Sports facilities and jogging tracks
  6.     The retail area includes restaurants and leisure activities
  7.     Access to common beaches
  8.     Car drop off locations at entrances



  1.     High-level ceilings in all rooms
  2.     High quality finishes throughout
  3.     Fitted wardrobes in each bedroom
  4.     Designer fitted kitchen
  5.     Marble kitchen benchtop
  6.     Imported stainless-steel sink with mixer tap
  7.     High quality imported sanitary fixtures and fittings
  8.     Ceramic floor tiles and skirting
  9.     Master bathroom



  1.     Kids play area
  2.     Business center
  3.     Gymnasium
  4.     Communal barbecue area
  5.     Children’s pool
  6.     Outdoor swimming pool


Investment Potential

An Emaar’s overview of Investment in Karachi is as follow:


Bedroom Apartment


Sq Ft

1 1 1274
2 1,2,3 1871-2193
3 1,2,3 2307-2554
4 1,2,4 3194-3853


4. How And When To Sell Property?

Emaar Pakistan How To sell

How And When To sell Property? The question most sellers ask is how to transfer property ownership in Pakistan? The property selling process takes place in the office of Karachi’s land development authority. There are a few points to consider when you have the house for sale in Pakistan. These are as follows:

  1.     Preliminary research and finding an agent
  2.     Agent’s commission
  3.     Token money
  4.     Initial deposit
  5.     No-demand Certificate (NDC)
  6.     Taxes
  7.     Transfer letter