The consultants at Property Executer have built extensive knowledge about Real Estate Market in Pakistan. The privacy policy is exclusive for all services offered by Property Executor.

Transparency and privacy guaranteed

The personal data and information will be kept confidential in accordance with our privacy policy. We will only acquire the information that you provide to us voluntarily through registrations, subscriptions, and surveys. The information would mostly comprise of your name, email address, mail address, and phone number. The clients will always have the option of refusing to provide us certain information about identification for safety purposes.

Services based on your information

Your personal information will be utilized to provide you with the best possible services. We will be sending you the answers to your queries and suggestions for the future through your email address and phone number. The information will solely be used to notify you about business opportunities and services available. The interaction between the consultants and the client is an essential part of our business and therefore, the information will assist us in maintaining the relationship. It also assists us in understanding how clients respond to our distinct services.

Collecting information

Our website collects your personal information to make the online experience easier for yourself. It also helps us to improve our customer service by only showing you the information you are looking for. The feedback from the clients is also collected to improve the quality of our consultation and other services. Collecting the demographic data, enables us to improve the quality of our site.

Sharing personal information

Our policies are strict regarding the sharing of the client’s personal information. Your information will only be retained until it is being used to provide you with services or for other lawful purposes. Renting or selling your personal information is not a possibility at any cost in our business. Information will only be shared with business partners, trusted affiliates, and advertisers for carrying out a business deal that you agree with. Your information will only be transferred to a third party or service provider if you provide your consent. Our subsidiaries or affiliated companies might use your information to fulfil your service requirements once they are permitted to do so.

Protecting personal information

The team of Property Executor understands your safety concerns regarding your personal information. Only a few of our trained personnel will be managing your database and information. We have adapted to secure data collection and storage practices that enable us to protect your information from any unauthorized activity or third-party interference. You can always reach our website or email us if you have any further queries related to the protection of your information.


We tend to prioritize our clients in every way possible. The web browser places cookies on the hard drive of users for saving previous records and tracking vital information. There is always the option for clients to refuse cookies for security reasons. Moreover, users can also set an alert notification to know when cookies are being placed. If you are unaware of these methods, you can reach your software manufacturer or internet service provider for technical assistance. The information collected from cookies is primarily used to estimate the number of users and viewers visiting the site.

Acceptance of the privacy policy

By accessing our website, you provide your consent and signify that you accept the privacy policy of Property Executor. If you continue to utilize the services from our website, you will also be agreeing to the changes made in our privacy policy for the future.


It is significant to know that Property Executor are only performing the task to provide consultation services for their clients. The transactions are carried out between the clients and the developers and Property Executor is not responsible for facilitating sales. You cannot hold Property Executor responsible for the losses or damages caused by business/ property deals between you and the developer. In case of delays and cancellations of profit deals, the consultants or the organization cannot be held accountable. You must know the information portrayed on the web pages of Property Executor related to various developers and projects does not verify their registration under the Real Estate. The clients are always encouraged to carry out an independent investigation of the projects and the participants involved to ensure that the information provided is verifiable and credible.