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How to buy a house with the help of an Estate Agency in Karachi?

. Estate Agency in Karachi

The economical hub of Pakistan, Karachi is also known as the city of lights is not just the city of lights but also a city with lots and lots of people. It is not an overstatement that, the population of Karachi is increasing exponentially. The price for a house for sale in Karachi is skyrocketing and buying a property in Karachi seems like a distant dream. However, if you know how to take help from a trusted real estate agency then your dream can be a reality. In this guide, we are going to highlight the key points everyone should remember when buying or even selling property in Karachi with the help of an Estate Agency.


With the help of the Estate Agency Buy House in Karachi within your budget.

First and foremost, it is best to look for properties that are within your budget. It might sound obvious but in Karachi most of the time. When the property seems affordable and prices considerably low, there is a bright chance of fraud in these properties. Due to the heavy increase in the demand as well as prices of property in Karachi, the rate of corruption has also increased. It is essential that you do your research about the property, the documents, and the locality. Therefore, it is always a good idea to buy a house within your budget and don’t cut corners in the need to save few bucks.


Get the services of a real estate agency in Karachi.

It is not always necessary to hire a real estate agent to help you buy a house. But in a city like Karachi, where property dealings have become considerably difficult. It is advisable to have property experts by your side. However, we don’t recommend you trust your agent blindly. First, you should do some research on your own, their numerous sites, and online platforms. Where you can get an idea of the price of the property in a particular area or region. After getting an idea about the prices and demands. You can hire a trusted and reliable estate agent who can guide you through the process and provide expertise.


While looking for a reliable real estate agent. There is one thing that you should always keep in mind the commission rates. These can hurt you like an arrow through the chest. Most of the agents take 1% commission but some of the agents demand an increase in this rate depending on the property and the effort they had to go through. In most cases, the payment of the commission is due when the property is transferred to your name. But, it is always better to sit and discuss all these things. Formally, with your agent to save yourself from any damages or disputes.


The real estate agent deals with any issues and facilitates.

When you have found the right real estate agency in Karachi, now you can relax and let them do the hard and technical work for you. Being a real estate agent in Karachi is a tough job because of the cutthroat competition in the market. This competition leads to better services and more facilitation for the clients. It is the responsibility of agents to take care of the property issues as well as the documentation. The real estate agent takes care of the formalities of the contract and is responsible if any dispute occurs between the two parties.


Signing a lease agreement to buy a house.

Once all the documents have gathered by the agent now is the time to sign the lease agreement. It is highly advised that both the buyer and the seller should formally discuss the amount of the initial deposit (Bayana) and the terms related to the initial deposit. The amount of the Bayana varies depending on the agreement of buyer and seller. Usually, this amount is 25% of the selling price of the property.

The agent is responsible to get both the parties on one page and get them to sign the stamp paper. In most cases, the dispute occurs when the buyer refuses to buy the property even after giving the initial deposit or the seller refuses to sell the property after taking the Bayana (initial deposit) In either case, the estate agent will handle the dispute and resolve the issues. At the time of signing the lease agreement, the estate agent should be physically present in the meeting.


Best places house for sale in Karachi

Stay away from frauds and any other issues, you should always go to places that are credible and legitimate. Homes are available for selling like DHA Defence, Bahria Town, Gulshan-e-Iqbal Town, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Malir, North Karachi, and so on.

Furthermore, these areas are less shady and more reliable than other areas where prices are low but chances of fraud are high. You can find your desired home in one of these locations. Buying or selling on your own will take a long time but a real state agent makes it easier.

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Becoming a Successful Real Estate Agent in Karachi

Real Estate Agents in Karachi

It is a fact that not all real estate agents in Karachi make it to the top of the mountain and many of them start with enthusiasm but give up midway especially in the case of Karachi. Karachi is one of the biggest cities in the world and finding the right property in Karachi is a daunting task. The ratio is 20 to 80. Only the 20 percent counts as successful ones and the rest are labeled as not good enough. If you want to be different and the one who stands apart from the crowd of average agents then you need to follow the following guidelines.


Acquire Enough Knowledge.

One of the most important rules and the most obvious one is to get the knowledge first. Whether you want to be an entrepreneur, real estate agents in Karachi, broker, or any professional. First, you need to get the basic knowledge about that particular department. Without knowledge, you will be directionless and quite frankly on the road to failure. Your failure is destined and it’s just a matter of time. But with an ample amount of effective knowledge, you would know what they do are and what aren’t. When you step foot in the field of real estate agent you need to get as much knowledge about this profession as you possibly can. The more knowledge you have the brighter your chances to get where you want to be.


Education on the Top

The second most important piece of advice is to keep on educating yourself because this job keeps changing as the consumer changes over time. Agents need to understand the current needs and demands of the customers and provide the best solutions possible. In order to benefit from customers’ needs, you need to be always put in your A-game and to stay in the game you need to keep on learning and educating yourself. Knowledge is useless if not updated. The difference between successful agents and unsuccessful ones is that unsuccessful are the ones who think they know enough and the winners are those who keep on learning and keep their education continuous.


Tenacious Personality

The crucial quality that is common in every successful real estate agent in Karachi is that they all are tenacious. In this field timing is very important showing carelessness or being lazy can result in heavy losses or losing a prospering opportunity. It is wise to be active and ready to avail of any opportunity or to face any obstacle. To be good at being a real estate agent, you should take these qualities like your character traits and use them as much as effectively as possible.


Communication and Persuasion

Being in the real estate business one is expected to communicate with a lot of people. Not only should you communicate properly but also how to persuade someone to accept your offer. Most of the time agents have to convince clients of their offers. The more convincing you can do the more earnings you will get. This is the reason why all of the successful real estate agents are good communicators and possess a persuasive personality.


Technological Knowledge is Crucial

In a world driven by technology, any professional who is not friends with technological knowledge is bound to leave behind. Real estate agents in Karachi are no different. You need to have the basic know-how of how technology works. How you can use a particular set of applications and tools to add efficiency to your tasks will make you stand apart.


You Work Hard At a Real Estate Agency

If it was easy every other guy or girl would be a real estate agent. This is not easy and that is why few make it to the top. Only those who are willing to work hard, who are willing to make sacrifices, and who have this thirst for success are the ones who survive. Work hard until you make it and then work harder to stay on the top, period.


Look for Details

It is not easy to win the trust of the clients and sell their properties easily, unless and until the real estate agent is talented enough to pay attention to each and every detail whether you are just starting or have years of experience being fully concerned with is one of the strategies of a successful agent. Great agents identify even the delicate alterations sellers can make to pick up the sales’ chance of their property. The best real estate agents stay updated and well-skilled over current training at real estate academies. Furthermore, these agents are much planned and return client calls punctually and make every appointment on time.


Honesty and Integrity For Clients

Honesty is the best policy real agents should be honest to their clients because it means you trust your services and in return clients will trust you too. Your attitude puts an effect and wins their trust and they will become your loyal clients. To become a successful real estate agent, it’s very important to know exactly what the clients look for, from properties to their prices.


Connections and Representation

To be a successful real estate agent, you should have a list of soon-to-be buyers lists. There are multiple parties tangled in these dealings so you must also have connections with buyers in case they are willing to work with you, to sell the property earlier.

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Emaar Projects In Karachi, Pakistan Where You Can Book A House Comfortably.

Emaar Pakistan

There’s an inspirational new way of life in Emaar Karachi, which is set to become Pakistan’s most desirable lifestyle. 

You can discover luxury living on a new level with Crescent Bay, a masterpiece that delivers life’s quality on a par with the very best. 

Emaar Karachi is designed for people that have grown to increase in value the finer things in life; Crescent Bay will bring a vibrant community atmosphere with a safe and wholesome ambiance. 

Arranged along three bays, Crescent Bay associates breathtaking natural beauty with a blend of traditional adapting and contemporary urban chic. In Karachi, the Crescent Bay brings a new benchmark for Karachi’s elite to live a new lifestyle. It is sure to convert the most desirable and talked place in Karachi. Shouldn’t you consider your life moving up in the world?

Obviously yes! 

Read on to discover the home features of Emaar Karachi, investments, and other relevant information. 


1. Emaar Karachi Homes Features


Emaar Pakistan Home Features

Emaar’s Pakistan innovative offering of self-contained, amenities-rich communities has created lifestyle options that have been the first choice for many residents worldwide.

Here are the basic features of Emaar housing:



The lifestyle you have always wanted!

Crescent Bay covers a fabulous location in the DHA (Phase-VIII) to Karachi’s southwest. With a beautiful 2 kilometers seafront along the Arabian Sea’s shores, the community will include parks and mosques, with over 4000 luxury residential apartments and penthouses with a range of prices, styles, and finishes to suit everyone.



In a community to inspire living!

Imagine life without driving through the rush hour traffic every time. Imagine your business within walking distance of home over the Arabian Sea. Crescent Bay’s heart is a commercial district where you will find an ideal business environment, beautiful surroundings, and no congestion or stresses associated with work in the city.



Much more to discover in your life!

A new edge is about to begin Property business in Pakistan! Emaar Karachi Crescent Bay aims at new standards in people’s lifestyle, how they think, how they interact or value things, and how they see themselves. Whether you choose to stroll down the walkway, shop at one of the myriads of retail outlets, take in the idyllic sea vision, lie in the sun on one of the high-class beaches, diminish in one of the parks or meet friends in an outdoor cafe, only.



Where you can enjoy life fully!

Crescent Bay offers more than merely a peaceful and luxurious way of life. With the Arabian sea and other perks, you will relish an incredible choice of innovative activities, including state-of-the-art health clubs fitted out with recent technology and a full complement of modern sports facilities, from tennis to moorings for your craft. With all this on your doorstep, living lifespan to the maximum will be a part of your every day.


2. Investment In Emaar Karachi

Emaar Pakistan Investment

The project has a total investment of AED 8.8 billion and will include a series of master-planned communities. It will set new benchmarks in commercial, residential, and retail property within Pakistan.

Karachi will be home to Crescent Bay, a 75-acre development featuring high- and mid-rise towers for residential and commercial use, a shopping center, and a five-star beachfront hotel. The buildings will contain approximately 4,000 residential apartments.

Close to the DHA golf course, Crescent Bay, located within Karachi’s DHA Phase 8, will also offer individual architectural styles for each tower within the development. All three projects (Crescent Bay, Crescent Bay 2, and Crescent Bay 3) are expected to be completed in the coming five years.


3. All About Emaar Karachi (Location, Properties, Investment Potential)

Emaar Karachi ALl About

Emaar Karachi Location Map

Crescent Bay is located in DHA Phase 8 zone D, near Clifton and Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Karachi, Sindh. Emaar Karachi is a subsidiary of global property developer Emaar Properties PJSC. And Crescent Bay is one of their developments, spread on 108 Acres of terrestrial. In July 2010, its contract was given to Paragon Constructors for Rs 1.5 billion.


Emaar Karachi Property Features

Several features of Emaar Karachi projects make a reasonably lucrative investment, here are few features:

  1.     Spectacular visions of sea and landscaped areas
  2.     Beautifully carved park walkways
  3.     Dedicated public open spaces such as parks and plazas
  4.     Access to 5-star hotel, retail location, and mosque
  5.     Sports facilities and jogging tracks
  6.     The retail area includes restaurants and leisure activities
  7.     Access to common beaches
  8.     Car drop off locations at entrances



  1.     High-level ceilings in all rooms
  2.     High quality finishes throughout
  3.     Fitted wardrobes in each bedroom
  4.     Designer fitted kitchen
  5.     Marble kitchen benchtop
  6.     Imported stainless-steel sink with mixer tap
  7.     High quality imported sanitary fixtures and fittings
  8.     Ceramic floor tiles and skirting
  9.     Master bathroom



  1.     Kids play area
  2.     Business center
  3.     Gymnasium
  4.     Communal barbecue area
  5.     Children’s pool
  6.     Outdoor swimming pool


Investment Potential

An Emaar’s overview of Investment in Karachi is as follow:


Bedroom Apartment


Sq Ft

1 1 1274
2 1,2,3 1871-2193
3 1,2,3 2307-2554
4 1,2,4 3194-3853


4. How And When To Sell Property?

Emaar Pakistan How To sell

How And When To sell Property? The question most sellers ask is how to transfer property ownership in Pakistan? The property selling process takes place in the office of Karachi’s land development authority. There are a few points to consider when you have the house for sale in Pakistan. These are as follows:

  1.     Preliminary research and finding an agent
  2.     Agent’s commission
  3.     Token money
  4.     Initial deposit
  5.     No-demand Certificate (NDC)
  6.     Taxes
  7.     Transfer letter


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How much we all are aware of the fact that real estate in every country holds equal and essential importance when it comes to business but there are some factors that affect the rate of growth of this business. If we talk about real estate business in Pakistan, then the elements that intervene in the elevation rate of real estate are the economic condition of the country, overseas Pakistanis that spend in the country, the taxes that government impose, interest rates, and similar factors join the list but what we still get to know is that the property business in Pakistan did not catch any lower standards which happens to be a piece of good news for all the business dealers of property.

Real Estate Business in Pakistan

Real estate business in Pakistan is favorable these days because of the economical and pocket-friendly prices of lands that are a huge plus for buyers whereas I might add, given the circumstances of the country this was not expected but after all the investigation and thorough looking at the property news of Pakistan, I can happily tell you that this is the best time to invest.

Yes, I am not and will never disagree with the fact that there still are some contributory agents that do interfere in getting your hands on the right property and it might cost you a bit or all of your investment but even then we have Real Estate agencies to guide and help through your decisions.

Now as we are considering the positive side of the situation which is better real estate business, we must acknowledge that the owners or sellers have kept the property prices low, this is not only beneficial for the investment maker but also for the seller because it helps find a better investor in less time which ultimately ends in lesser pain in the neck.

pakistan's real estate business

Future of Real Estate Business

So if you want to know about the future of the Property Market of Pakistan then you should know that apart from all the GDP rate and socioeconomic tightening the country is doing well in the real estate zone. As much taxes has the new government set and all the new set of rules that are now implemented in the cities might cause a problematic surge among the vendors of the land but eventually, it declares a reasonable buying and selling equation that is helpful to both, the sellers and the buyers.

One more thing about the real estate news in Pakistan is that the rate of dishonesty is still on the rise. There can be pyramid schemes to get the buyer trapped and bewitching offers for the sellers to misguide so to keep track of all these wrongdoings and also to make sure you do not fall into the hands of culprit there are real estate agencies that help buyer and seller meet and settle rest of the deal but again, there is yet no guarantee of what kind of real estate agency you run into. All you can do is make sure things are authentic at your end.

real estate business's future

Pakistan’s Real Estate News

As much as the politics and other entities interfere in Pakistan’s Real Estate there are high chances of it getting suppressed but unlike that, we have seen the revenue going up in the past few days. There again can be a lot of reasons for that but for now, I can contemplate that most of the changes and interventions have turned out affirmative for the Real Estate zone of Pakistan. I have gathered some statistical figures that help you understand the Pakistan real estate forecast and growth of the property business.

Properties in Karachi have shown an elevation of 225% from the last five years while the city of Lahore has displayed a raise of 146% whereas the Capital city Islamabad has clearly been growing its property business by 143%.

Not only this but the experts say that if we analyze the CPEC project has also got the underprivileged area of Pakistan, Gwadar a raise of 200% which should be considered nothing but success.

Even the coming situation of pandemic did a lot of damage to the country’s economy that also affected real estate in one way or another but the government soon opened the cities for construction and that I believe brought a state of, if not growth then at least maintenance in the property buying and selling sector.

Real Estate forecast and Sector Analysis in Pakistan

Let’s conclude and talk about the real estate sector analysis in Pakistan that is again, based on all the ongoing events in the country. This way the analyses become baffling because of what factors should be acknowledged and what not creates chaos. However, one thing that should always be considered is the government reforms. Lately, we went through the crises of Bahria town Karachi but that is not the issue anymore however what can be the issue is the old methodologies and prevalence of corrupt systems.

The corrupt system not only includes a pile of fraud dealers but also the people who claim to be experts in the field of real estate, this guides the people on the wrong path and leads to monetary damage.

Next what I think is the hardest to solve is the black money investment in real estate that is done without any questioning however now the government has taken measures to stop it.

Also, the fear of investment in overseas Pakistanis takes off the real estate growth opportunities but with time this will also be eliminated and hope for betterment in the real estate sector is seen.

There are now various factors and laws being introduced by the government and the buyers as well as the sellers are happy to be part of it since new reforms are kind of a guarantee to bring change.

real eastat forecast


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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced on Wednesday a proposal to delay the effective date of the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure rule until Oct. 1.

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Real Estate Roundup!

May new home sales gain 2.2% from April

Sales of new single-family houses in May 2015 were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 546,000, which is up 2.2% from April, according to estimates released jointly today by the U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. — From Housing Wire

3 ways to tame student loan debt and afford a mortgage

It’s no secret that student loans can make buying a home a challenge. But what exactly is the problem, and how can buyers overcome it? The problem is that student loans can be included in the buyer’s debt-to-income ratio, or DTI. — From Bankrate

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We’re ready for the TRID rules!

At 5 p.m. EST June 17, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued a statement that the effective date for the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rules would be pushed back to Oct. 1, 2015.

CFPB Director Richard Cordray said in a prepared statement: “The CFPB will be issuing a proposed amendment to delay the effective date of the Know Before You Owe rule until Oct. 1, 2015. We made this decision to correct an administrative error that we just discovered in meeting the requirements under federal law, which would have delayed the effective date of the rule by two weeks. We further believe that the additional time included in the proposed effective date would better accommodate the interests of the many consumers and providers whose families will be busy with the transition to the new school year at that time.”

Rainier Title has been working towards the TRID implementation for over a year and felt prepared for August 1st. However, with the proposed delay we will be taking this opportunity to continue our education and training of TRID. While we believe that we have been proactive and ready for this change, there are still so many unknowns that will have to be addressed at the time of implementation. The industry should still prepare for 45-60 days for transaction to close due to the new timing parameters of the forms.

We’re working hard to be ready for all changes!


Real Estate Roundup

Active Home-Building Industry Will Lead to More Demand for Warehouse Space

Strong consumer spending and the rise in housing construction activity are currently the prime factors for the incredible rebound of the U.S. industrial real estate sector, and experts say as home buying continues to increase, so will demand for warehouse space. — From NRE Online

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